St Mary’s is a Christian learning community that aims to bring learning to life for all pupils. For us this means developing the whole child, academically, socially, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually to become a life-long learner who achieves their individual potential not only in the classroom but at home, in their wider community and into their adult life. It also means working in close partnership with parents and carers and the wider community to enrich our understanding of each child and expand the range of learning experiences we can offer.

We believe in recognising and celebrating difference and diversity as well as valuing similarities that bind the school together as a community. We believe that in every child there is God-given talent and potential and are committed to realising this potential to the full in every individual.

We build a secure, safe, Christian, supportive, learning environment, with clear expectations, where children know they are valued and respected as individuals. Secure children are happy children who can then enjoy their learning. Happy children learn and grow in confidence. From that confidence stems the self-belief to take risks, try new skills and experiences, aim higher, and ultimately achieve what even they may not originally have thought possible.

We aim to develop learners who are inquisitive, independent, motivated to take risks, thirst to find things out, enjoy learning and know how to learn. We want them to revel in and celebrate their successes, whilst always striving to improve upon them - viewing disappointments or mistakes as positive opportunities to learn more.

We believe learning is enriched through the experiences and knowledge that the child brings with them " and that we should set learning in wider global, social and historical contexts, guided by our Christian values.

At St Mary’s everyone is supported, challenged and secure in a caring Christian environment.

We believe that this forms the strong basis from which our learners develop the confidence to go on their learning journeys.

Click here to read in our Policy for Learning how we put this philosophy into practice at St Mary’s.