Associated Schools

Infant Schools

We do not have direct feeder schools (please see the admissions policy on this website for our admissions criteria.)  However, the majority of our pupils come to us from three local infant schools.  Please note that Downs Way school and St Mary's School will amalgamate in September 2018, so pupils joining Downs Way School in future years will automatically move into the Junior school after that date. We will, however, have two further classes join us for Year 3 onwards, many of which will have come from our other local infant schools -

We foster close links with these schools. Our year 6 pupils support sports activities, our schools councils liaise for visits and events, the children read together and we have undertaken joint staff training particularly in the moderation of writing. All this along with our comprehensive range of transition activities means that children feel happy and confident when they join our school and parents can recognise continuity and development in learning right from the start.