Governors Maintenance Fund

The Governors’ Fund is a charity set up by the governors to provide our children with additional facilities that would not normally be provided by government funding. Projects vary considerably in size and the Governors try to ensure there is a mix in their spending between essential projects, such as roof-work and window and door replacements and projects that will contribute towards enhancing learning opportunities for the children.

The Governors’ Fund has paid contributions that have ensured that the three year programme to renew all the flat roof areas in the school that were approaching the end of their life has gone ahead. Summer 2016 was another busy year when we saw the third and final phase of these works completed AND a new hall floor was laid. In addition to this essential work, the Governors’ Fund has made significant contributions this year towards the pond refurbishment including a new pond liner and decking and towards the wonderful new playground equipment. 

St Mary's is a voluntary aided school which means first and foremost that your children benefit from an education with a Christian ethos. It also means we have more independence to make decisions which we think will benefit our children and that we can apply for additional funding from the Diocese. The Diocese fund major projects in partnership with schools where the school pays 10% of the cost, and this 10% primarily comes from the Governors’ Fund.

We are so very grateful to those parents who have already supported us, and in particular we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who give generously above the level suggested " you know who you are! Without your support we would not be able to maintain and develop the school to the high level we currently enjoy. All donations to the fund are on a voluntary basis, and any donation will be greatly appreciated. Please see the many flexible ways in which you can make a contribution which will make a real difference to our children.

The current Governors Fund letter and forms can be downloaded by clicking here