School Lunches

School meals are cooked on the premises and we believe them to be of excellent quality. Our children tell us that they are "delicious", "yummy" and "good for cold days". One parent told us "The food was lovely, warm and tasty and to be honest I couldn't have cooked it any better myself". So why not give them a try?

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You can, of course, book a dinner for every day. However, if you wish your child to have school dinners only on certain days of the week, this can be accommodated, as long as you inform us in advance of the "profile" to be adopted. The profile must be the same each week (eg dinners daily, except Fridays) and you must tell us if you wish us to change the profile we have set up for your child. 


How to Pay for School Lunches 

You may pay weekly, monthly or half termly, but MUST tell the office in advance if you wish us to stop booking meals for your child. Otherwise, meals will still be booked each day and you will be expected to pay for any arrears that are incurred.

We now offer a choice of payment methods for school dinners:

  1. You may pay in advance using our "Tucasi, School Cash Office" secure online payment system. (This is our preferred payment method, as it reduces the administrative burden on the office staff). 
  2. You may pay for dinners by cheque (made out to Surrey County Council).
  3. You may pay by cash.  However, please pay for at least one week at a time, if at all possible. Please send your payments to the school office, in a named, sealed envelope.


Your child may have been off sick during a term, or a school trip may mean that they have needed less dinners that you have paid for. At Christmas and Easter we will carry forward any such payments held "on account" in this way towards the next term's dinners unless you inform us that you would prefer a refund because you intend to stop having school dinners the following term.  Cash refunds will be issued at the end of the Summer Term for pupils in Year 6.   


10.00am cut off time for refunds or booking of a lunch

The kitchen need to be notified of the number of meals required for the day before 10.00am.  Regrettably, any child sent home through illness after 10.00am will not be eligible for a refund.  Any child arriving in school late should report to the School Office for registration when it will be possible to order a lunch for that day.  Where possible it would be helpful to have advance warning of this if the child is likely to arrive after 10.00am.

Dinner not required for another reason?

Please ensure that you tell the office if your child will leaving school before lunch eg for an appointment to ensure that we know not to book a lunch for your child.  We will not automatically know this from a note sent to the teacher/ Head requesting time off for an afternoon and would have booked a lunch based on the morning class registration.

Packed Lunches

Pupils may bring sandwiches which are eaten in the dining hall. 

Emergency Lunches

If your child has forgotten their packed lunch and you are unable to get it to us, or you have run out of provisions for packed lunches and require an emergency meal, please contact the school office before 10.00am and we will try and arrange for an emergency lunch to be prepared. However, you will appreciate that whilst our cooks will do all they can to find additional, unexpected meals, there is a limit to the number of additional meals they can conjure up, so please only ask us if you really need to! 

Free School Meals

When a family encounters financial difficulties, one or more of the children may qualify for free school meals.   Advice and an application form can be obtained from the School Office or downloaded here by following the link below.

Form for Free School Meals

 (If you are eligible for Free School Meals, but your child chooses to have packed lunches, it is still worth registering that you are eligible for Free School Meals as this will also trigger additional funds being made available to the school to help your child in other ways.)  


Surrey County Council have issued the following policy regarding late payment/ debts for school meals.

Link to Surrey County Council School Meals Debt Management Policy.