School Uniform


Our aim is to keep the children looking their natural age and neat and tidy. The children act as ambassadors for the school through the way they dress.

Items of uniform may be worn in any sensible and neat combination according to the weather (except where marked otherwise). 

Click on this link for a printable version of the Uniform list.

Click on this link for a printable version of the uniform List from September 2018 for St Mary's Primary School from Reception - Year 6 

House Colours for PE Bags are

Tudor - Red,         Hanover - Blue,     Windsor - Green,        Stuart - Yellow.


Buying School Uniform

School Uniform can be bought from a number of places.

The basic items, such as skirts, trousers and plain white shirts can be bought from many local shops/ supermarkets, or online suppliers.

Items more specific to this school, because they have the school logo on them, can currently be purchased from two alternative suppliers.

Please note that different suppliers will stock uniform from different manufacturers, which will lead to significant size variations. Therefore, please check with the supplier before ordering online, or check size samples held in the school office for items with the school logo.

SWOTS (Reigate)

We have appointed SWOTS as a local supplier for our school uniform as many parents like to visit a shop and try uniform on their child rather than ordering online. They stock all items of uniform that have a logo and also several other items, as they are a specialised school uniform supplier. They have also set up a "web shop" to allow parents to place online orders.

PMG Schoolwear (formerly Simply Schoolwear)

This company is an online supplier who supply uniform to a large number of schools and have their own, in house, embroidery service. They therefore claim to have good stock levels at most times of the year and, as well as the school specific items with logos, can also supply trousers, skirts etc for those of you who prefer a one stop, online solution. AT PEAK TIMES (July to Sept) THEY CAN BE VERY BUSY, SO PLEASE ORDER BY EARLY JULY FOR SEPTEMBER DELIVERY, OR CHECK STOCK LEVELS BY PHONE WITH THEM).

The company also name the items for you! However, please check the size samples in the office before ordering, as they do not accept returns of items that you have asked to be named.

They stock other school uniform such as trousers, shirts and skirts, though you do not have to buy these items from them!

To visit PMG Schoolwear's online shop, please click on the link to PMG Schoolwear website here.

Beware, we have found that the jumpers from Simply Schoolwear are smaller than the equivelent sizes from our previous supplier. IF IN DOUBT PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE SAMPLES IN THE SCHOOL OFFICE.

You will find the St Mary's "webshop" by scrolling down the list of schools starting with "S" in the "Schools A-Z".

The school office will retain size samples supplied by PMG Schoolwear in case you are uncertain what size to order. You are welcome to come in to look at them and try them on your child. You can also ask them to send the name tape seperately if you are not certain of the size you require. However, once embroidered with the school logo they cannot be returned.