The School Day and Absences

          08.55                               Registration

          09.00 to 10.15                  Session 1

          10.15 to 10.30                  Break

          10.30 to 11.30                  Session 2

          11.30 to 12.00                  Session 3

          12.00 to 13.00                  Lunch

          13.00 to 13.15                  St Mary's Read Together (S.M.A.R.T.)

          13.15 to 14.15                  Session 4

          14.15 to 14.30                  Break

          14.30 to 15.30                  Session 5

The times of Assemblies vary according to the year groups. All children are given a timetable at the beginning of the academic year, which indicates the times of their assemblies.

There is a sports based early morning club run by Premier Sports each morning. For further details of how to book your child into this, please see the Clubs page of this website. Link to Clubs page.            

Owing to the problems of supervision, children (other than those taking part in the Premier Sports early morning club) should not arrive before 08.30 when members of staff are on duty.  Parents are reminded that the school cannot be held responsible for children who arrive early.

Please try to ensure that your child arrives at school on time.  Constant lateness is an extremely bad habit and  detrimental to a child's education.

Pupils arriving late should report to the school office to register.


We are always interested in the children's welfare and it is important that, in the case of absences, the school should be notified by telephone by 10.00 on the first day of absence.  Requests for children to attend medical, dental or any educational appointments, should be in writing to the class teacher.  Unless we have written permission from parents, no child will be allowed to leave the school unaccompanied.  It is advisable to collect the children if possible. Please call in to the school office to report your child's departure and return before/after medical appointments. Children who are sick at home or at school should not return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

Please notify the school immediately if there is a change affecting the information on your child's admission form.  It is essential that we have an up-to-date telephone number where you can be contacted during the day-time should your child be taken ill  in school.

We would like to remind parents/carers that they do not have a legal or automatic right to take their children out of school for holidays during term-time. However, in exceptional circumstances, the school may authorise, in advance, a request for a short period of leave.  If  you wish  to take your child out of school for any absence other than medical, dental or educational appointments, it is necessary to seek permission from the Head Teacher by completing and submitting an authorised absence application form from the school office.

Absence Request Form 2017-18


Incidence of absence (02/09/2015 to 22/07/2016)

Total number of pupils :   385


Percentage of sessions missed through absence:               2.8%       (national average for primary schools = 4.4%).

Persistent absentees - absent for 15% or more sessions:   3.6%        (national average = 3.4%).