We are delighted that, in September 2018, St Mary's Junior School will become St Mary's Primary School.

For the last three years (Spring 2014 to date) St Mary's Junior School and neighbouring Downs Way Infant School have been working in partnership under the leadership of a joint Head Teacher. The Governors of Downs Way School and Surrey County Council then decided to approach the Governors of St Mary's School and ask them to consider amalgamating the two schools. 

After a formal consultation process (for further details, please see the website page entitled Amalgamation) the decision was made in March 2017 that Downs Way School would officially close and St Mary's School would be enlarged to become a Primary school to accommodate children from 4-11. 

Surrey County Council also asked the Governors of St Mary's School to increase the Published Admissions Number (PAN) from 90 pupils at Age 7, to 120 pupils to help provide school places for a growing population in the area.

The current buildings of Downs Way Infant School will be retained to continue to accommodate our smallest children (4-7).  The Infant age PAN will remain at 60 (the current PAN for Downs Way School).  The six infant classes will, therefore remain in the current buildings, remaining in a small and safe environment whilst benefitting from the facilities and support of being part of a larger school.

Surrey County Council are planning to build extensions onto the current Junior School buildings to accommodate the additional class per year that will arise from increasing the Junior age PAN from 90 to 120.  An exhibition of the outline plans for the buildings was held on 28th June 2017 when they plans were shown to parents and neighbours, giving them an opportunity to offer their comments on the plans. Planning permission will then be sought, with an aim to building work commencing at the beginning of 2018.  

Plans of the outline of the buildings can be seen here.