How we communicate with parents

We use our school email messaging service as the main form of communication with parents.

We send all letters out by email and only send paper copies when a consent form needs to be signed. Families with no access to the internet or email will continue to receive paper copies of letters.

We have adopted the following policy (and hope that it helps to keep you well informed!) -

Text messages - for urgent or short notice messages (eg clubs cancelled, snow closures, requests to contact the school ASAP). These will be sent to the main contact only (usually Mum) as we do not wish to inundate working parents who are not the person who would normally be available to react. Please ensure that you keep us up to date with the best mobile number for you.

Email -  for all letters. We will send these to up to four email addresses held for parents. Please ask us to delete any email addresses that you do not wish us to use.

Website - Latest News, School Calendar, backup copies of letters, timetables and general information for parents and staff.

Paper letters - only for families without access to the internet (and email) or letters and consent forms requiring signatures.